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Dr.'s of Veterinary Medication are medical executives whose first job is shielding the health and welfare of animals and the owners who love them.

Veterinary doctors analyze and control animal diseases, treat sick and hurt pets, and advise owners on the right care of horses and cattle. They ensure a healthy food supply by keeping up the health of all cats. Veterinary Doctors are also concerned in wildlife preservation and conservation and public health of the human population.

Today more than 66,000 veterinarians are professionally active in the US. They offer a wide selection of services in personal medical practice, teaching, research, central authority service, public health, military service, non-public industry, and other areas.

If you have a animal, you should have a veterinary doctor. cats are just like humans, they get hurt, and will need medical attention. There are times in a dogs life when a vaccination will be needed, just like when we were young, and no-one can foretell an accident, when your cat will need to be rushed to an emergency vet. Our Missouri veterinary directory will help you in finding a local vet clinic who can take on the responsibility of providing medical recommendations and experience for your cats emergency.

Please take note this is an open directory, we are not able to attest for any veterinarian practice in our database, any opinions, comments or reviews are those left by anonymous users and should not be your only refference in the selection of a vet clinic.

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